CAPP Audits and Compliance

Compliance Audits for Mining Clients

Robison Engineering offers compliance audits to mining clients to evaluate their compliance with the Nevada Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSPTM) program and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations. The audits are scheduled regularly or as needed and identify areas for improvement in compliance. During the audit, Robison Engineering reviews policies, procedures, and equipment to identify potential compliance issues.

The goal of a compliance audit is to ensure that the mining operation is operating safely and in accordance with all applicable regulations and to identify any areas where improvements can be made to enhance safety and reduce risk. By working with Robison Engineering for compliance audits, mining clients can rest assured that their operations are meeting all regulatory requirements and are as safe as possible for employees and the environment.

Robison Engineering’s Certified CMSPTMs and Experienced Mining Professionals

Robison Engineering’s team of certified CMSPTMs and experienced mining professionals provides valuable expertise to clients. CMSPTMs possess a deep understanding of regulations, best practices, and industry standards, while mining professionals bring practical experience to the table. Together, the team at Robison Engineering works collaboratively to provide a comprehensive approach to environmental engineering and compliance audits for mining clients. Their combined expertise and experience allow them to provide innovative solutions to complex problems, ensuring that their clients’ mining operations are safe, efficient, and compliant with all regulations.

Additional Services: Hazard Assessments and Training

Hazard assessments and training are additional services offered by Robison Engineering to help mining clients mitigate risks and improve safety outcomes. Hazard assessments identify potential sources of danger and develop plans to reduce risk. Training programs cover topics such as hazard identification, equipment operation, emergency response, and regulatory compliance.

Robison Engineering’s training programs are customized to the unique needs of each client and can be delivered on-site or remotely, depending on the client’s needs. The programs are designed to ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate safely and in compliance with regulations.

Partnering with Robison Engineering for Improved Safety and Compliance

Partnering with Robison Engineering helps mining clients improve safety outcomes, achieve compliance, and stay up-to-date with evolving regulations and best practices. Compliance audits conducted by Robison Engineering can help mining clients identify areas where improvements are necessary and ensure that their operations are operating in accordance with all regulations. Hazard assessments and training programs offered by Robison Engineering can help mitigate risks and improve safety outcomes by identifying potential hazards and ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate safely.

Overall, Robison Engineering provides comprehensive environmental engineering and compliance services to mining clients, ensuring that their mining operations are safe, efficient, and compliant with all regulations.

Environmental Team

Professional Engineer, President
P.E. – 25822 | C.E.M. – 2459
Julianne is a Professional Environmental Engineer and Certified Environmental Manager. She loves getting into the field to solve our most interesting environmental problems. When she isn’t in the desert chasing down noxious weeds or water quality issues, she’s in the desert racing her motorcycle…when her bones heal back up from the last race.

C.E.M. – 1512, Senior Professional
Marcie (CEM-1512) began her career as a miner with geology degrees from U. of Iowa and Texas-El Paso. Her understanding of the perspectives of both the extractive and environmental protection allows her to balance and respect their common goals.

P.E. – 009674, Principal Engineer
Wally Robison is the founder and now retired President of Robison Engineering Company. Wally started in the mining business in 1969, working for Gulf Resources in Montana. Going on to obtain a BS in Geological Engineering from University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1972. Wally is a PE of Mining and a Certified Environmental Manager. He takes pride in careful, reliable work and brings unique common sense to the environmental consulting practice. A fifth-generation Nevadan, Wally is proud to contribute to the health and prosperity of the western US.

Ph.D. Scientist
Chris Ross continues his elegant and wide-arching career, now headquartering our branch “office” on the Gulf side of Baja in Mexico; he still mentors our Environmental staff and performs weed surveys and veg surveys for bond release.