Mineral Potential Assessment Reports

Components of a Mineral Potential Assessment Report

Robison Engineering’s Mineral Potential Assessment report is a meticulously prepared document that provides a thorough overview of available mineral resources in a specific area. The primary sections include a geological report, mineral resource report, an economic feasibility assessment, and potential exploration and development recommendations.

The geological report delves into the area’s geological aspects, focusing on rock formations, soil composition, and other attributes affecting mineral resources’ availability and accessibility. The mineral resource report follows, analyzing the types, quality, and quantity of minerals present, as well as estimated yields. The economic feasibility assessment examines the mining project’s costs and expected revenue, helping determine the project’s profitability. Lastly, the report might include recommendations for future exploration and development based on the preceding analyses.

Expertise of Robison Engineering’s Team

Robison Engineering boasts a proficient team of geologists and mining engineers, each possessing a deep understanding of mineral exploration and development. The geologists are adept at geological mapping and identifying potential mineral deposits, while the mining engineers excel at evaluating the economic feasibility of mining projects.

Together, they provide clients with comprehensive mineral potential assessment services, combining their expertise to offer accurate data on the geological and mineral resource attributes of a specific area. They are also committed to superior customer service, working closely with clients to provide customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Comprehensive Services Offered

Robison Engineering offers a spectrum of services for clients interested in assessing an area’s mineral potential. These services include mineral potential assessment, geologic mapping, drilling and sampling, mineral resource evaluation, mine planning and design, and environmental and social impact assessment.

Each service is designed to provide clients with detailed and reliable information, whether it’s about the geological characteristics, mineral resources, or economic feasibility of a mining project. Through these comprehensive services, Robison Engineering aims to meet clients’ unique needs and requirements effectively.

Benefits of Robison Engineering’s Mineral Potential Assessment Reports

Robison Engineering’s mineral potential assessment reports provide several benefits to clients, including offering accurate data, identifying potential mineral resources, assessing economic feasibility, and identifying operational and safety risks. These reports also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and improve stakeholder engagement.

The data provided in these reports is both accurate and reliable, aiding clients in making informed decisions about future exploration and development. The reports’ economic feasibility assessments and identification of potential operational and safety risks also help clients evaluate a mining project’s viability. Furthermore, these reports can enhance stakeholder engagement by providing transparent and accurate information about a project’s potential impact.

Environmental Team

Professional Engineer, President
P.E. – 25822 | C.E.M. – 2459
Julianne is a Professional Environmental Engineer and Certified Environmental Manager. She loves getting into the field to solve our most interesting environmental problems. When she isn’t in the desert chasing down noxious weeds or water quality issues, she’s in the desert racing her motorcycle…when her bones heal back up from the last race.

C.E.M. – 1512, Senior Professional
Marcie (CEM-1512) began her career as a miner with geology degrees from U. of Iowa and Texas-El Paso. Her understanding of the perspectives of both the extractive and environmental protection allows her to balance and respect their common goals.

P.E. – 009674, Principal Engineer
Wally Robison is the founder and now retired President of Robison Engineering Company. Wally started in the mining business in 1969, working for Gulf Resources in Montana. Going on to obtain a BS in Geological Engineering from University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1972. Wally is a PE of Mining and a Certified Environmental Manager. He takes pride in careful, reliable work and brings unique common sense to the environmental consulting practice. A fifth-generation Nevadan, Wally is proud to contribute to the health and prosperity of the western US.

Ph.D. Scientist
Chris Ross continues his elegant and wide-arching career, now headquartering our branch “office” on the Gulf side of Baja in Mexico; he still mentors our Environmental staff and performs weed surveys and veg surveys for bond release.