Environmental Investigation and Assessment Services

Our environmental staff strives to balance rigorous science with the practical needs of industry and
regulators. Our technical expertise and extensive experience directly benefit our clients in maximizing
value while assessing, evaluating, and complying with regulatory requirements. Our scope of services

Phase I: Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), known as Phase I ESAs, are typically conducted
as part of due diligence in property transactions or in preparation for financing. Phase I ESAs
are performed in accordance with the latest ASTM standard and the EPA’s Standards and Practices
for All Appropriate Inquiry. The purpose of a Phase I ESA is to identify whether or not Recognized
Environmental Conditions (REC) are present on a property. As required by State regulations, Phase I
ESAs of Nevada properties are performed by Nevada Certified Environmental Managers (CEMs)

Phase II: Assessments

In response to suspected soil or water contamination, a Phase II investigation may be required. This
involves the collection of samples to determine the nature, extent and severity of contamination.
Working with property owners and regulators, Robison Engineering environmental professionals will develop a
thorough and efficient sampling plan in order to collect all appropriate information. Robison
Engineering’s CEMs are trained in site investigation techniques and sampling protocols, ensuring
meticulous project management. Subsequent to analysis of laboratory data, the need for additional
assessment, remediation and/or site closure will be evaluated.

Phase III: Monitoring / Corrective Action / Site Closure

Remediation is the process of mitigating the adverse effects of environmental contamination.
Strategies may include removing contaminated material, a risk-based approach using contaminant
monitoring, or another method deemed appropriate based on the specific site conditions. Robison Engineering
professionals will work with property owners and regulators to achieve site closure.

Environmental Team

Professional Engineer, President
P.E. – 25822 | C.E.M. – 2459
Julianne is a Professional Environmental Engineer and Certified Environmental Manager. She loves getting into the field to solve our most interesting environmental problems. When she isn’t in the desert chasing down noxious weeds or water quality issues, she’s in the desert racing her motorcycle…when her bones heal back up from the last race.

C.E.M. – 1512, Senior Professional
Marcie (CEM-1512) began her career as a miner with geology degrees from U. of Iowa and Texas-El Paso. Her understanding of the perspectives of both the extractive and environmental protection allows her to balance and respect their common goals.

P.E. – 009674, Principal Engineer
Wally Robison is the founder and now retired President of Robison Engineering Company. Wally started in the mining business in 1969, working for Gulf Resources in Montana. Going on to obtain a BS in Geological Engineering from University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1972. Wally is a PE of Mining and a Certified Environmental Manager. He takes pride in careful, reliable work and brings unique common sense to the environmental consulting practice. A fifth-generation Nevadan, Wally is proud to contribute to the health and prosperity of the western US.

Ph.D. Scientist
Chris Ross continues his elegant and wide-arching career, now headquartering our branch “office” on the Gulf side of Baja in Mexico; he still mentors our Environmental staff and performs weed surveys and veg surveys for bond release.