Water Rights Applications, Maps, and Management

Water Rights Applications: Obtaining and Navigating the Process

Robison Engineering offers comprehensive assistance for water rights applications, guiding clients through this complex procedure. Our team of experts identifies the right agencies, aids in form completion, and ensures compliance with regulations. We assist in determining the necessary type of water right, preparing application forms, and filing the application. We also provide updates and assist with any required additional information throughout the process.

Water Rights Maps: Visualization and Planning for Water Use

Our team at Robison Engineering creates precise water rights maps to help clients understand and plan their water use. We use advanced technology to map water sources, usage patterns, and other relevant factors. These maps, crucial for planning and compliance, include a variety of essential information like location of water sources, extent of rights, and water usage patterns. We offer support for map interpretation and future water use planning.

Water Rights Transfers: Assistance with Legal Requirements

Water rights transfers can be challenging due to stringent legal requirements. Our certified water rights professionals and licensed engineers at Robison Engineering help clients with the transfer process, from initial evaluation of rights to preparation of legal documents, and compliance with regulations. We monitor the process and provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transfer.

Water Rights Investigations: Understanding Water Rights

Water rights investigations are critical for understanding and managing water resources. Robison Engineering offers expert services to review legal documents, historical records, and other relevant information to determine the nature and extent of a client’s water rights. Our detailed reports outline the rights, restrictions, and recommendations for efficient use and compliance with regulations.

Change Applications: Modifying Water Rights for Changing Circumstances

Change applications are vital for modifying water rights due to changing circumstances. At Robison Engineering, we help clients understand their specific needs and develop a customized change application. We assist with the submission to the relevant regulatory agency, providing ongoing support during the review process.

Water Rights Management Plans: Optimizing Water Use Efficiency

Robison Engineering assists in developing water rights management plans that optimize water use efficiency and sustainability. Our team performs comprehensive analyses of water resources, usage patterns, and regulations to create customized plans. These plans may include water conservation strategies, water storage, and conveyance strategies. We assist with plan implementation, monitoring, and adjustments for ongoing efficiency optimization.

Environmental Team

Professional Engineer, President
P.E. – 25822 | C.E.M. – 2459
Julianne is a Professional Environmental Engineer and Certified Environmental Manager. She loves getting into the field to solve our most interesting environmental problems. When she isn’t in the desert chasing down noxious weeds or water quality issues, she’s in the desert racing her motorcycle…when her bones heal back up from the last race.

C.E.M. – 1512, Senior Professional
Marcie (CEM-1512) began her career as a miner with geology degrees from U. of Iowa and Texas-El Paso. Her understanding of the perspectives of both the extractive and environmental protection allows her to balance and respect their common goals.

P.E. – 009674, Principal Engineer
Wally Robison is the founder and now retired President of Robison Engineering Company. Wally started in the mining business in 1969, working for Gulf Resources in Montana. Going on to obtain a BS in Geological Engineering from University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1972. Wally is a PE of Mining and a Certified Environmental Manager. He takes pride in careful, reliable work and brings unique common sense to the environmental consulting practice. A fifth-generation Nevadan, Wally is proud to contribute to the health and prosperity of the western US.

Ph.D. Scientist
Chris Ross continues his elegant and wide-arching career, now headquartering our branch “office” on the Gulf side of Baja in Mexico; he still mentors our Environmental staff and performs weed surveys and veg surveys for bond release.